Intrusion market poised for rebound

According to a new report from IMS Research, the intrusion detection market is poised to rebound after a couple of disappointing years and is forecast to reach over $2.4 billion in 2011.

The market research firm says that short-term growth in the industry will be driven by the retrofit market.

Report author and market analyst Blake Kozak says that the intrusion industry has come out of the recession with a "slightly different outlook," which includes a move toward interactive systems and technological advances in panels and wireless sensors.

"The intrusion industry continues to innovate and expand upon existing concepts such as PIRs with video verification and self-monitoring using smart phones, all of which helps cultivate convenience and future proof both suppliers and customers," Kozak said in a statement. "Although new construction will benefit the intrusion industry by growing the market size, many of the new construction projects use only basic intrusion systems. The retrofit market offers more lucrative and technologically advanced systems."

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