TSA begins Secure Flight program


Airline security became more intense on Monday.

The Transportation Security Administration isn't leaving any room for error in its Secure Flight program. The system makes sure people on the no-fly list don't make it on board a plane.

Passengers will no longer be cleared for a flight if they don't give the name on a government-issued identification card or passport, birth date and gender when booking a flight. That information has already been required since October 2009, but the TSA hasn't cracked down on it until now.

Airlines were given a year to change their reservation systems to comply with the Secure Flight program.

Beginning Monday, if passengers don't enter all of the information properly when booking their flight, TSA officials will check their information against the no-fly list before a boarding pass is issued. Officials said that shouldn't take too long, but it could result in a missed flight.

New screening options began at airports on Friday. When going through security, passengers may choose between a full body scan or a pat down.

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