Diebold launches new fire program

Security integrator Diebold announced last week that is has launched a new nationwide fire program called "Diebold Fire
Detection Solutions and Services," which the company said it will use to deliver fire detection hardware, software, monitoring and services to its customers.

According to a statement, the program will enable the company to broaden its customer base and provide end users with several benefits including increased operational efficiencies, greater consistency, reduced monitoring costs and savings on insurance premiums.

Diebold further stated that its monitoring centers, which are both CSAA Five-Diamond and UL certified, will play a key role in the delivery of its new fire detection solutions and services.

"Our customer base has been encouraging us to introduce these solutions and services," said Bradley J. Stephenson, vice president, security solutions for Diebold. "They want to engage one partner for both burglary and fire, and they want that partner to be Diebold. We believe fire is a critical element of a holistic approach to security. And now we can bring that element to our customers."

For more information, visit www.diebold.com.