Veracity to host DesignIP

Veracity, a provider of connectivity solutions for digital surveillance equipment, announced this week that will be hosting several upcoming events called “DesignIP” for interested parties in the Chicago and New York areas.

According to Veracity USA CEO Scott Sereboff, the events will feature presentations from Veracity and two of its technology partners, IQinVision and Pivot3, on migrating from analog to digital surveillance technology.

“The event is designed, is essence, to show people that moving from an analog system to an IP system is fundamentally easier than they might think,” he said. “Companies tend to put on events that are very technical, very complex, and they turn out to be big sales presentations. Our goal is to present to the attendees some technology pathways from analog to IP that just simply make it easier to make that transition.”

Rather than hearing sales pitches from each of the companies about their products, Sereboff said that attendees will learn about the benefits of the various kinds of technologies available in the digital surveillance market.

DesignIP Chicago is scheduled to take place on Oct. 1, at the Blackstone Hotel. Design IP New York will take place one week later on Oct. 8, at the Midtown Executive Club. Sereboff said more DesignIP events may be scheduled at a later date.

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