Frost & Sullivan, SDS Group offer terror training courses for hotel staff

In an effort to help prepare hotel security managers and other staff members for potential threats from terror groups, market research firm Frost & Sullivan has teamed up with security consulting and services company SDS Group to offer hotel security training courses. Over a three-day period, these courses, which will be taught by terrorism experts from the SDS groups, will show attendees how to prepare for and deal with a potential attack on a hotel.

According to Frost & Sullivan Project Manager for the Hotel Security Rating Excellence Program Gile Downes, the idea for these training courses came about last November following the attacks by terrorist on several Mumbai, India hotels, after which he and several of his colleagues realized there needed to be more standards when it came to hotel security.

“We recognized at that moment there was no way for the end user of a hotel, a high-end luxury hotel, whether it is a business traveler, politician or a holiday traveler, that there really is no standardized way for any of those people to determine the level of security provided by a hotel they may like to patronize, he said. “We thought it might be a good time… to develop a program whereby we can standardize an assessment tool that allows a team to go out and make a thorough assessment of security provisions across about 50 different metrics, facility-by-facility that could then be used to establish a security rating of that hotel.”

In the course of their research, however, Downes said they discovered that many hotel security managers and other staff members had not been adequately trained on how to handle a terrorist incident.

SDS Group Technical Director Dr. John Wyatt added that the training that some of these hotel staffs did have was not standardized and didn’t address the common day threats that many hotels face, an oversight that this new training program intends to change.

“The courses will really concentrate on really the practical application on what can be done in a typical major incident because there isn’t enough time often to try and sort it out, it is almost immediate reaction,” Wyatt said. “Those immediate reactions often take place without police… so it’s the hotels themselves who have a responsibility to the visitors and staff to take immediate action. (The courses) won’t look so much at routine everyday security… but things you really need to address and get sorted out.”

The courses will be taught by Wyatt, a 25-year veteran of the British Army, along with several other terror security experts from the SDS Group. Wyatt added that there will also be several guest speakers, who will provide attendees with a couple of different perspectives from those of the instructors.

According to Downes, the classes are not just exclusively for security personnel, but all staff members of a hotel that may be the first line of defense against an attack. The three day courses, which begin in September and cost £2,500 or $4,090 per person, have generated a lot of interest from a variety of different entities, according to Downes.

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