Report: Businesses face increasing IT threat from mobile workers

Earlier this month, IT security firm Symantec released the results of a new report from its Hosted Services' MessageLabs Intelligence unit, which shows that businesses face an increasing threat to their networks from mobile employees who engage is risky web browsing habits.

According to the report, whereas IT administrators used to primarily have to be concerned with locking down the corporate network, they now must take into account the threats posed by employees who login to the organization’s networks remotely.

Among some of findings of the report include:

- For all employees browsing the web, 1 in 5 requests are blocked due to an infringement of company policy.
- 20 percent of users have more requests blocked than allowed.
- 14 percent of users have between 90 percent and 100 percent of all their requests blocked.

Click here to read the full report (PDF - 268 KB).