Grandeye files complaint against Immervision

April 18, 2011 -- Following Grandeye’s filing of a lawsuit against Sentry 360 alleging patent infringement, the team from Grandeye has filed a complaint against another panoramic video technology firm. This time the recipient of the complaint filing was Immervision. On its website, Immervision says its "patented optic technology combines 360° panomorph lenses and immersive software algorithms to enable 360° functionalities for any application," and the company's technology has been marketed towards video surveillance applications as well as consumer and commercial video applications.

The complaint lists Storm LLP as the law firm handling the filing for Grandeye, and this is the same firm involved in the simultaneous suit against Sentry 360.

Alessandro Gasparini, Immervision's senior vice president of sales and marketing, said that while the complaint had been filed almost one month ago, Grandeye had not taken the second step of making it an actual lawsuit by serving the complaint on the plaintiff. Additionally, he said that the companies had been in talks about the technology, and he noted that Immervision's panomorphic technology -- which is patented itself -- is substantially different technology from the patented technology Grandeye has.

The complaint references two patents, numbers 6,243,099 and 7,542,035. Patent "099" references as a "Method for interactive viewing full-surround image data and apparatus therefor" and patent "035" references a "Method for interactively viewing full-surround image data and apparatus therefor."

Information on the complaint and the patents referenced in the complaint are available from, a website that tracks intellectual property complaints.

Some of Grandeye's technology and intellectual property came from its acquisition with the former IPIX company, an early panoramic video technology firm which was briefly involved in the video surveillance industry.