Brijot receives DHS SAFETY Act certification

Detection systems company

Brijot Imaging Systems

has received SAFETY Act Certification from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The certification of the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act (SAFETY Act) recognizes companies which provide homeland security services and solutions and provides liability protection to those companies and their customers in the case of an act of terrorism.

Brijot's detection solution which was approved by the DHS for SAFETY Act certification involves whole body imaging using passive millimeter wave technologies to effectively see through clothing to find threat objects on a naked body. Brijot's scanner can spot metallic objects, as well as composites, plastics, ceramics, liquids and gels.

The technology has been adopted primarily in the transportation and transit industry, though it has also found usage even at government buildings and a retailer's distribution center. The TSA is currently investigating the use of millimeter wave technology at the nation's airports.

"This certification validates the Brijot solution as a valuable tool for drastically reducing the risk of a terrorist attack," said Mitchel J. Laskey, Brijot's president and CEO.