Investors acquire controlling interest in Fluidmesh

Fluidmesh Networks, a provider of wireless infrastructure solutions for security, announced Thursday that two Chicago-based investment firms, Generation3 Capital and WF Security Fund, an affiliate of Waveland Investments, have acquired a controlling interest in the company.

Under the agreement, Fluidmesh will join Avrio RMS Group, a provider of IP surveillance solutions for the public safety market, as part of the newly formed wireless services company Carrick Bend.

According to Cosimo Malesci, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Fluidmesh, the deal will allow the company to now offer services in addition to hardware.

"The goal is to provide Risk Free Wireless with a model that is supported by our existing channel," he said.

Malesci said that the utilization of wireless technology is still a challenge for many integrators and that through this new "Risk Free Wireless" model, Fluidmesh will be able to provide integrators with the support they need.

"It’s an opportunity for a lot of integrators to be able to take advantage of wireless technology, leverage wireless technology to get projects, win deals and suggest alternative solutions to what fiber is today and do it without actually having to invest money in wireless training or take the risk of using technology they have never really used or are familiar with," Malesci explained.

In addition, Malesci said that the company would increase its number of U.S. regional managers to four. The company currently has two U.S. regional managers.

Since Avrio will no longer prime deals, Malesci said that they would be turning their pipeline and end-user network over to Fluidmesh channel partners.

"There will be a way for all of our integrators to take advantage of a huge number of projects, win deals, drive business… and have us provide assistance if needed on those projects," he said.