Central stations turn to analytics

Israel-based video analytics firm ioimage says that it is finding business success in the world of remote video monitoring. The company, which is known for producing cameras and video encoders with video analytics built into the devices, says that a number of monitoring service provider are using ioimage's devices to expand the capabilities of their monitoring stations.

According to ioimage, the company's devices are installed in a client's site, then monitored for alarms and alerts back at the central station.

The Charlotte-based monitoring station of iVerify is one such provider said to have adopted analytics for central station monitoring. Likewise, the Immix monitoring station video software from SureView Systems also has been designed to receive inputs from ioimage. Ioimage's technology has also made its way inside ViSentry's Virtual Sentry monitoring platform; that platform is commonly used in the construction, warehouse and manufacturing markets, and involves analytics-enabled PTZ cameras.

For some, the move to analytics is all about decreasing false alarms – the bane of the central station monitoring industry. At iVerify, the senior vice president of technology, Jose Chavarria, said the he has is moving the customers with outdoor perimeters from motion detectors to ioimage's video analytics and is "seeing a fraction of the false alarms we used to experience."

SureView's executive vice president Matt Krebs said that outdoor motion detection verification has been one of the strong points for adopting the video analytics system into the Immix software. The ioimage system detects the motion and then the alert and the video clip are sent to the central station operators.

"A bounding box shows the operator what created that event, for example whether it was a person or a branch in the wind," explained Krebs. "Operators can instantly determine if there's been an actual security breach or if you can move onto your next task." Without that video accompanying the detection, said Krebs, "Outdoor motion detection can be problematic in producing unwanted false alarm traffic."

For ViSentry, the application is more than fixed cameras working perimeters much like outdoor motion detectors. ViSentry's COO Juda Slomovich said the company is using analytics tied in with PTZ cameras. "A large yard would typically need six to eight [traditional, fixed] cameras to adequately cover the perimeter," said Slomovich, "but when you deploy two PTZ cameras with a pre-programmed analytics-based tour, you cut the project cost by half."

In the end, ioimage CEO says the adoption of analytics by central station monitoring providers is all about deploying "a cost-effective solution that efficiently detects intruders, minimizes costly false alerts, ensures faster response time and can be remotely configured and maintained."