Day Automation sees increase in sales

New York-based systems integrator Day Automation saw an 85 percent increase in its 2008 sales the company announced on Monday.

The company, which is partner firm of TAC, the building management, energy and security services firm of Schneider Electric, credited the sales increase to the expansion of its building controls business into the security market. According to a statement issued by the company, Day Automation began selling security in the mid 90s and later began a concerted effort to grow the offering in 2003.

“We’ve recommended integrating security into building management systems for years, and I think the marketplace is becoming receptive to the advantages of this approach,” said Eric Orban, president of Day Automation in the statement. “Integrated systems provide a tremendous amount of value, and our customers see the difference that Day Automation brings to the table. Our focus on quality is demonstrated by the fact that most of our business is generated by word of mouth from end-user customers to consulting engineers. As a result, we’ve been able to expand our security business through existing HVAC customers.”