Pam Petrow named president and CEO of Vector

Philadelphia, Penn., Oct. 21, 2010 -- Pamela J. Petrow has been named the president and CEO of Vector Security by the company's board of directors. The announcement follows the death of John Murphy, who had served as president of Vector since 1991.

Petrow, a long-time veteran of Vector Security, previously served as the company's executive vice president and then as Vector's COO. The company called Petrow's appointment "the culmination of a carefully thought out success plan for Vector Security."

Petrow has overseen the operations for Vector's UL-listed monitoring solutions and has served on the Central Station Alarm Association's board of directors executive committee. Her top-tier leadership at Vector dates to 1997, when she was named the company's Senior Vice President of the Central Stations and Information Services Group. In that role, she managed the firm and became a member of the Office of the President. She was directly responsible for overseeing the company’s three central stations and the IT staff.

Vector Security is owned by The Philadelphia Contributorship, an insurance firm. Vector provides both residential, commercial and institutional security services, ranging from simple home burglar alarms to complex campus-level integrated security systems. The firm operates its own monitoring stations, in addition to selling, installing and servicing security and fire detection equipment.

Vector Security has information available on its website about the passing of prior president John Murphy and his accomplishments as well how to provide remembrances.