Charlotte school removing pens after explosion


A Charlotte high school will not allow students to use pens Tuesday after one student was hurt by an exploding pen.

A staff member at Turning Point Academy told Eyewitness News an announcement would be made to all students Tuesday morning. Teachers will collect all pens in the classrooms, and students will only be allowed to use pencils on Tuesday. It's unclear how long the measure will be in effect.

Two teenage brothers were arrested after a massive investigation that began with the ink pen explosion on Monday.

Investigators plan to continue what they call a "slow and deliberate" search Tuesday morning inside the teenagers' home in Northwest Charlotte. Investigators arrested and continued questioning the boys late Monday night.

Law enforcement officials evacuated more than two dozen homes around Mount Holly Road in northwest Charlotte while they searched for possible explosives. Neighbors were allowed back into their homes Monday night. Three members of a hazmat team were injured as they tested a sample taken that exploded. Eyewitness News is told their injuries are minor.

Police went to the home after an explosion was reported at Turning Point Academy. A student was using a pen when it exploded and the explosion gave him shrapnel wounds to his arms and chest and burns to his hands.

Officers arrested his 16-year-old classmate and that classmate's 15-year-old brother. Police said after speaking with the 16-year-old, they had reason to get a search warrant for his home.

Police haven't said yet what exactly they found inside the home, but they did say a number of suspicious items and chemicals were declared safe.

Neighbors said it was a chaotic scene.

"Where the house is there was like 40 police officers, 20 police cars, a task force, all kinds of stuff," said Marlena Hampton.

Neighbors were allowed to get back into their homes around 11 p.m. Monday.

A number of agencies are investigating this case, including the FBI.

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