Teens arrested in Fred Meyer shooting


A second teenage boy was arrested Tuesday night in connection with a shooting inside a Fred Meyer store.

Portland police detectives said the 15-year-old was an accomplice in a robbery inside the Fred Meyer on Southeast 82nd Avenue at 10:40 p.m. on Monday. Hours before the boy turned himself in, police arrested 17-year-old Stephen Fowler. Police said Fowler was responsible for the shots that were fired.

The store's security personnel were trying to take the two teens into custody for shoplifting Monday night, but the pair began fighting the security officers, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

During the struggle, police said, Fowler pulled out a gun and began firing rounds in the store. Portland police said one of the robbers ran into a nearby neighborhood, where officers lost sight of him, and the second robber escaped in a vehicle.

No arrests were made initially, but detectives said they gained "valuable information" at the scene that led to the arrests.

Residents in the area said they're not surprised the shooting happened in their part of town.

"That's pretty scary. The crime rate has been going up a lot around this neighborhood," said Ziggy Buff who lives nearby. "We see police cars going up and down Foster almost all the time. Almost every other week, at least."

Police said they're still investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Heidi Housley 503-823-0400.

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