Affordable Power Awarded Federal Contract

HOUSTON , Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The Defense Energy Support Center ("DESC") of the United States Department of Defense has awarded Affordable Power, L.P. a two year contract to supply electric power to the Customs and Border Protection Agency in Texas . The contract award was based on a combination of price and technical ability through competition. The electric power supply will be delivered to the government on a firm, fixed price basis.

The Customs and Border Protection Agency ("CBP") is a component of the Department of Homeland Security charged with the safety and security of U.S. ports and over seven thousand miles of American borders. With an unusually rich history that spans over 200 years, CBP now works at the intersection of national security (Anti-Terrorism), narcotics interdiction, and the facilitation of America's legitimate business interests. CBP is the nation's largest law enforcement agency with approximately 41,000 officers that operate on land, in the air, and over the seas of the world. While CBP handles a wide array of highly complex missions, it remains one of the greatest bargains in government with calculations showing that the Agency returns over $16 to the American taxpayer for every dollar appropriated. The watchwords of CBP are vigilance, service, and integrity, and that spirit surrounds all of the vital work CBP renders on behalf of the United States of America .

Kamran Virani , CEO of Affordable Power, stated, "Of course, we are honored to receive this contract because our industry recognizes the standards you must meet to become a federal contractor. In view of the challenges our Country is currently facing, we at Affordable Power consider this electric power agreement to be more than a normal transaction. We appreciate the trust shown in our company, and we accept the general assignment to be a small way for us to contribute to America's defense and revitalization."

Affordable Power, L.P. is certified by the Public Utility Commission of Texas as a Retail Electric Provider (Certificate No. 10105). The Company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and offers all standard products in ERCOT in all service zones of the Texas deregulated market. Vickers Power , L.L.C., an Austin -area energy company managed by Laura Vickers , worked with Affordable Power in the bidding process and will be a prime subcontractor on the contract.

SOURCE Affordable Power, L.P.