SD&I magazine surveillance update from ISC West

As day two of ISC West 2009 came to a close, the message coming across from the swarms of integrators, dealers and manufacturers was definitely clear: despite the gloomy economic forecast, the worst of it all seems to be over. That’s not to say that this year’s tradeshow might have seen some less show-goers then last year. Sure the aisles are a bit wider and the exhibitor numbers might be a bit less, but it was hard to ignore (and quite refreshing to see) both the realistic and optimistic attitude of many companies that were exhibiting at the show. And for the multitudes of companies that are definitely fairing well and exhibiting their innovative new products and solutions at the show, who can blame them?

Synposis technology equals instant solution

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI) displayed a captivating in-booth presentation of its Ocularis Video Synopsis touch solution. Powered by the Briefcam Video Synopsis engine, the solution takes a day’s worth of video footage and compresses it into a 60-second video clip, providing both a cost-effective and user-intuitive solution -- the system can predict what its user’s next possible action will be. The video clip also summarizes the event’s original video by simultaneously displaying multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times. Additional features allow the user to collect data from a particular period of the video clip and have the ability to turn a particular clip into a condensed video clip for later review; this is making Ocularis Video Synopsis an “instant” solution.

Covert comes out from the shadows

The discussion of covert surveillance is a topic which Supercircuits has been addressing for the past two years with its line of covert video surveillance solutions. Talking to Supercircuits, it’s clear they believe that covert video will become even more of a focus in this industry. While covert surveillance is nothing new to the professional surveillance industry, dealers are now presenting covert surveillance to the public and to buyers as part of a solution, rather than a problem of “big brother” watching.

“We have the ability to embed a covert camera into just about any appliance, utility or body-worn object,” said George Farley, vice president of marketing, Supercircuits. “Our extensive line of micro-sized cameras, recorders and transmitters allows our customers to survey any situation while remaining virtually undetectable.”

Supercircuits gave visitors a first-hand look at their covert surveillance solutions on display, including their mini DVR with built-in camera, pen camera with built-in DVR, the super-mini microphone and number of color cameras.

Another positive: Product updates don’t mean bigger prices

According to Fredrik Nilsson, Axis Communications, other positive factors that need to be taken into mind is with companies and manufacturers releasing updated versions of their products. Something that users need to keep in mind is that an updated product does not always mean an increase in product price. Now, cameras are seeing additional features but often times the price stays the same.

An increase in partnerships amongst integrators and the solutions provider and manufacturers, a more focused and intimate approach in addressing the needs of end-users and most importantly, positively reacting upon the necessities of the user are all the buzz circling around 2009’s ISC West tradeshow floor.