SD&I magazine insights from ISC West

Straight from the ISC West in Las Vegas—here’s what we’re seeing as current industry trends:

• Web-based services and access control are emerging big.

• Software as a service is coming on strong.

• Partnering is equally important; no more closed protocols for this industry.

• Video storage is the next big question; what will work to handle all the information best?

• It’s much more than security—personnel management, tracking, remote monitoring, etc. play well into the value-add scenario.

• The voices of the integrator are increasingly critical—why spend money on R&D if you don’t know what the installers want?

• Batteries are in the news again; how can we get them to last longer?

• Life-centric solutions are key to selling in the home environment.

• JPEG compression and H.264 are becoming less differentiated by price in the camera market.

• Full solutions are critical—for every part of the market.

• Finally, there’s increased emphasis on the smaller dealer—who as an aggregate make up the lion’s share of the market.