Middle Atlantic Products introduces innovative booth at ISC West

In attempt to gain feedback from its customers on the types of panel mount solutions they’re looking for, Middle Atlantic Products has brought an innovative concept to its booth for ISC West this year.

Rather than bringing panel stations and mounting solutions complete with the products that would normally occupy them, the company has left them void of any products to let the customers determine what could be done to improve them for their sake.

“The goal is to engage with consultants, integrators and end users… to see if we’re going the right direction,” said the company’s Director of Marketing Mark Tracy. “We’re learning about trends in how (our customers) are going about installations and we welcome any of them to come by and visit (our booth).”

Thus far, according to Tracy, they’ve received a fair amount of feedback on the products. In addition to its panel mounting solutions, Middle Atlantic Products is also featuring several space saving rack mounts, including one the helps regulate temperatures for sensitive NVRs and DVRs at the show.

For more information about Middle Atlantic Products, stop by booth #23087 at ISC West or visit them on the Web at www.middleatlantic.com.