Analytics update at ISC West

Industry outlook remains bright despite economic downturn

Unlike many analytics company’s, ObjectVideo’s customer base are the manufacturers of CCTV products, not the end user. As such, the company simplifies the technology for them by embedding it in the products they buy.

According to Edward Troha, the company’s director of marketing, one the reasons that analytics has been criticized in the past is that many end users were mislead by some manufacturers, who over promised on the capabilities of the technology. He also said that some people need to learn just what exactly analytics are all about.

“End users need to understand the difference between video motion detection and video analytics,” he said.

Troha advises those that are thinking about adopting the technology to not only speak with companies that have computer-based vision analytics like ObjectVideo, but also to other firms that have a lot of experience in the industry, not just taking a manufacturer’s word for it.

In other analytics news, Honeywell has introduced its new Rapid Eye Active Alert DVR. The solution decreases missed detections and false alarms and can support up to eight channels of integrated video analytics.

March Networks has also added a new version of its VideoSphere video management system to its portfolio of intelligent video solutions.

Peter Wilenius, the company’s vice president of marketing, said that while the market for analytics may not be expanding like it once, it’s not just going to disappear overnight.

“The market (for analytics) is not going to go to zero,” he said.