Barricades not working at Indiana government complex

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana has its own security concerns in the aftermath of the failed New York City bomb plot, with one of the most glaring an issue at the heart of state government.

A measure to help defend the Indiana Government Center against terrorist attacks has malfunctioned, and the state has yet to pay for repairs, 6News' Tanya Spencerreported.

Concrete barricades are installed around the government center to keep potential attackers at bay. The barricades are underground most of the time, but could be raised by security officials, if they are working properly.

The three-foot-tall barricades, called bollards, were installed after 9-11 at a cost of $400,000. They are supposed to rise pneumatically when there is a security threat, with the intention of keeping potentially dangerous vehicles away from state government buildings downtown.

The bollards haven't worked correctly for about a year.

"They had a problem with water infiltration getting into some of the wiring and some of the pumps and caused them to fail," said Brian Renner, deputy commissioner of the Indiana Department of Administration, which oversees the barriers. "The original manufacturer is no longer in business."

The fix will cost about $44,000. For now, large concrete security planters, temporary wooden or plastic barriers and Capitol Police, on patrol around the clock, are in place to keep buildings and people nearby safe.

State officials are confident of their security measures, but residents aren't so sure.

"Anything is possible. It worries me every day," said Demarcus Moreland.

The malfunctioning bollards were paid for through a federal grant. The state will pay for repairs.

Renner said state officials are considering a plan that would use funds earmarked for other projects to pay for repairs, which could begin in the next month.

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