Agilence acquires assets of Vidient Systems

Point-of-sale video auditing firm Agilence announced on its website Tuesday that it has acquired the assets of video analytics company Vidient Systems.

The company said that it plans on modifying Vidient’s analytics technology and combining it with its Hawkeye platform to offer new applications and benefits to the transportation and retail markets. Agilence’s Hawkeye solution integrates data with video surveillance at the point-of-sale, allowing retailers to identify losses caused by operational errors, promotion execution, systemic errors, and associate fraud.

Vidient’s video analytics software, which has primarily been used by the transportation sector, analyzes video feeds for suspicious activities. Agilence says that it will expand the software’s capability to include such functionality as people and vehicle counting, wait and dwell time assessment, and congestion detection.

"Vidient devoted significant time and resources to developing their technology and fine-tuning the performance of their analytics," said Derek Rodner, vice president of product development for Agilence. "After evaluating the solution’s performance, we determined that this would be a smart investment for Agilence and the markets that we serve. The software’s flexibility and reliability made it one of the most well-respected video analytics solutions in the market, and we are excited to build onto this solution to further increase its capabilities."