Honeywell teams with React Systems for mass notification

Las Vegas -- At the Honeywell booth on the show floor of ISC West 2009 in Las Vegas, Jeremy Krinitt of notification technologies company REACT Systems was showing how a forced entry event could become a text message, a desktop computer alert, an email or a visual on a public display screen. Krinitt was there to show how the REACT! Enterprise Critical Response Notification System can directly integrated into Honeywell's Pro-Watch security management and WIN-PAK access control platforms. In a demo at the booth, an alarm triggered in Pro-Watch becomes a computer desktop alert, but Krinitt is quick to point out that the real value is the number of different forms that alerts can take, allowing security and safety leaders to flexibly notify different groups.

The REACT system takes the alarm and access data from Honeywell's systems and can then send notifications to the appropriate groups. Employees in the building where an incident has occurred, for example, might receive one warning, while security officers might receive another notification offering instructions.

“Many businesses today still rely on outdated procedures and methods to communicate in a crisis," explained Honeywell's access systems general manager John Lorenty. "By providing a way to allow security personnel to reach the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time, we’re fulfilling our mission of helping make the world safer and more secure.”

The interface to Pro-Watch and WIN-PAK, as well as a standalone offering, is now being offered through Honeywell’s Integrated Security channel.