Lenel private labels OnSSI Ocularis for video controls

LAS VEGAS -- Heeding calls from its end-users to improve its video management platform, Lenel has agreed to private-label Ocularis, the popular video management system from On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI), under the name SkyPoint.

"It is an interactive video interface with a touch screen," said Luis Orbegoso, president of Lenel, at a press conference at the ISC West show on Tuesday. "We needed a better interface, and it will enable our customers to monitor and manage large groups of cameras across the enterprise. This augments and complements our digital video offering."

The collaboration of the two companies is intended to be an ongoing one. According to Orbegoso, Lenel, a unit of UTC Fire & Security, plans to continue leveraging the relationship. "We are excited about the promise of a continued collaboration," he said.

Orbegoso's enthusiasm was echoed by OnSSI president and CTO Gadi Piran, who noted that the "this strategic collaboration can influence the marketplace."

SkyPoint is an intelligent, open-architecture IP video platform. It features a simple, intuitive interface for desktop and control room video wall settings. It also offers integration potential with other aspects of security. Lined up next to the former Lenel video management platform at the press conference, it was clear that the new SkyPoint platform offered new features and functionality, including many more screens to view live and recorded video.

Lenel technicians have been cross-trained on the product. "Our goal is to introduce a product that can be easily adopted in the marketplace," Orbegoso said. He added that typical applications would include transportation infrastructure, government facilities and enterprises with many security protection points to safeguard.

Initially, SkyPoint will offer command-and-control of OnSSI's IP-based video management solutions. Future releases of SkyPoint will enable control of Lenel's video solutions. Ultimately, elements of the SkyPoint user interface will be incorporated into the new generation of OnGuard, Lenel's core security management system.

"This is where the industry is going," Piran said. "IP surveillance is happening now and will happen in the future."

In other ISC show news from Lenel, the company has introduced the goEntry standalone access control system, designed for small- to mid-sized businesses.

The system is a simplified card-reader security system to control building access. The software is embedded in a single control unit, eliminating the need for a dedicated computer. Facility managers can set up and operate the system using password-protected browser software that they can access from any networked computer running Internet Explorer 7.0.

The system can control up to 16 card readers (doors). It accommodates up to 500 cardholders (users), displays up to 5,000 events, and offers centralized system management, event monitoring in real time, photo ID import and the ability to create access levels and schedules.

As for OnSSI, the company has upgraded the Ocularis product to enable advanced detection of events, investigation, shared alert management, bookmarking and export of evidence. The system has also added Ocularis Video Synopsis, an optional module resulting from a collaboration between OnSSI and BriefCam, which enables the compression of video activity into a very short timeframe for faster identification of key events. A day of video footage can be compressed into a 60 second video clip. Read the full press release from OnSSI on the subject.

Additionally, OnSSI announced the formation of an OEM relationship with Milestone Systems. The companies are calling it an "ingredient" agreement, whereby the Milestone XProtect platform will as a recording engine for the Ocularis system. The systems are being tied in using the Milestone API. The integration will enable system integration for customers who may have both systems in place.