Pelco shifts its focus to IP

In an attempt to change consumers’ perceptions that Pelco has lagged behind the industry in the development of IP technology, company officials announced Wednesday that their focus at ISC West is to signal that they are here to stay in the IP market.


“We came here first and foremost with one objective, to convince everyone that Pelco is in the IP space in a big way,” said company President and CEO Dean Meyer.


As with most companies during these lean economic times, Pelco has been affected, Meyer said, but he added that it has not affected their sales or R&D efforts.


“We look at this as a time to take share, not protect share,” he said.


Though they are heavily investing their time and resources in IP solutions, Meyer said that Pelco is not leaving its analog customers behind and intend to help them protect their investments. When asked if he was worried about trying to become a force in IP and retain a strong presence in analog products, Meyer said that while there is always a risk, they can’t afford to abandon a substantial portion of their customer base.


Meyer added that that Pelco has spent a lot of energy to help some of its existing customers migrate to IP-based technology, as well as create hybrid surveillance systems. Meyer also said that their competitive price points on some their new IP solutions should also help its customers make the switch.


Despite some of the traditional obstacles of getting consumers to switch to IP, such as costs, fear of an unknown system and lack of education when it comes to the technology, Cliff Holtz, the company’s new senior vice president, Americas sales, says that many customers will be eager to adopt new technology, even in a recession.


“In a down economy, people want to implement technology that will take them forward,” he said. “The most important thing is having the customer and with legacy (technology partnerships) we have that advantage.”