Jetliner liquid-bombs plot suspect believed killed

Man was suspected of plot to use liquid-based explosives on U.S.-bound airliners

Despite the tough public criticism of the missile attacks, Zardari has made clear that Pakistan, which depends heavily on U.S. aid, will not break off anti-terror cooperation. He has expressed hope that Barack Obama will soften U.S. policy after becoming president.

Pakistani extremists threatened revenge attacks after a missile strike Wednesday near the northwestern town of Bannu.

Shortly after Saturday's strike, police said militants attacked a checkpoint in Bannu with rockets and gunfire, killing three officers.

Fighting and explosions elsewhere in Pakistan and Afghanistan on Saturday reportedly killed a total of 19 people, including five women who died when Pakistani jets bombed militants in the Bajur region. A French soldier was killed by a land mine near Kabul, but it was unclear if the weapon was planted recently or was a leftover of Afghanistan's earlier wars.


Associated Press writers Bashirullah Khan in Miran Shah, Habib Khan in Khar and Amir Shah in Kabul contributed to this report.

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