CRI and Veritas launch maritime security program

Corporate Risk International and Veritas International Consultants announced Friday that they have joined forces to develop a maritime security program to help companies combat hijackings of shipping vessels.

Pirates patrolling the waters off of the Somali coast have grabbed headlines over the past several months, seizing several high-value ships, including the recent hijacking of a Saudi-owned oil tanker.

According to a statement issued by the consulting firms, their team of experts can help businesses try and counteract these criminal acts by:

• Conducting threat assessments of ports and shipping routes
• Providing ship crews with training in counter measures and evasive maneuvering
• Providing on-board security teams for vessels traveling through “high-risk” shipping routes
• Giving companies a 24/7 Crisis Response service, which can handle negotiations ransom delivery and asset recovery
• And, conduct background screening for crew members and supply chain partners