The smart, yet virtual doorman of tomorrow

Imagine walking up to your apartment building, and instead of seeing a friendly doorman, you see a 5-megapixel camera and an intercom unit that together are intelligent enough to do the same job. That's what FST21 has created with its SIA NPS award-winning SafeRise Intelligent Building Safety and Security system.

The system uses what company executives called "a fusion of technologies" to achieve an intelligent system that can interact with its users in a unique way.

It starts with a multi-megapixel camera. The user walks into a vestibule and looks into the camera, where a facial recognition/analytic system works behind the scenes to determine who you are. Then, a friendly voice from the intercom instructs the user to say their name, and a voice biometric system authenticates it.

Interestingly, the system's fusion of technologies creates an artificial intelligence that acts as a virtual doorman. The software analyzes a person's walk, height, gait, etc., to determine if something is wrong or different. Walking faster than you did yesterday? The system might just ask you why you are in such a hurry. Wearing sunglasses? The system might kindly ask you to remove them. Someone standing behind you? The system will not allow access until each person is accounted for.

"No single sensor can achieve something like this," said Major General Aharon Zeevi Farkash, the company's CEO. "By creating a fusion between sensors, and putting them all together, you get close to 100-percent reliability."

The system fits into what Farkash called a "prevention philosophy," which he said is crucial for preventing crime. Of course, the system itself cannot completely replace the human element of a doorman's work. A monitoring central station is also involved for when the system denies access or there are other problems.

The system, which was named best new product on Tuesday at the SIA New Product Showcase, is designed for high-end residential applications and was developed in Israel as a way to mitigate suicide bombings. Check it out at booth 18150.