LG makes its official debut in the US market

Las Vegas, NV (April 7, 2011) -- Following an announcement last month, video surveillance products provider GVI Security Solutions said this week that it will represent the LG line of surveillance products in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Though they already had a presence in the global security market, the distribution agreement with GVI Security marks South Korea-based LG's entrance into the North American market. LG, which is widely known for their consumer electronic products in the U.S., has been in the security market since 2001, according to GVI Security CEO Steve Walin.

LG, which has 80,000 employees and 36 global research and development centers, is the second largest LCD TV provider in the world. Through their relationship with GVI Security, Walin said that LG will have an opportunity to migrate their business in the North American market from business-to-consumer to business-to-business.

"We built (Samsung's) presence here in the North America and we intend to do the same with LG," Walin told a gathering of media members Wednesday morning at ISC West.

Walin said that LG has identified the security industry as one of their key markets and the company will be coming to market in North America with analog and IP cameras, as well as DVRs. He said that the company's core technologies are what separate their products from the rest of the market.

In addition, Walin said that GVI intends to leverage LG's established position in vertical markets as it pertains to consumer electronics to help market their security technologies.

"Their strong position in vertical markets is going to help us deliver products in a more efficient way," he explained.

After "seeding" the market through wholesale distribution, Walin said that GVI plans to develop marketing programs for specific verticals.

"We will help create demand and bring our distribution partners in to fulfill it," Walin said.