ASIS 2010 technology roundup: Day 2

A look at several new security solutions on the show floor

After walking the show floor at ASIS 2010 for a couple a days, it's clear that technology innovation in the security industry is at an all-time high. While new surveillance solutions tend to get a lot of press and for good reason, there are numerous vendors at the show that provide a host of solutions of interest to the end-user market.

Allied Telesis

If you are looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to create a network for your security devices, you may be interested in several lines of switches that Allied Telesis has on display at the show. According to Vincent Ricco, the company's senior network consultant, Allied Telesis' new line of AT-8100 Series access-edge switches can accommodate up to 24 IP video devices with Power-over-Ethernet capability.

"We don't just have a toe in the water when it comes to IP surveillance," said Ricco.

Not only are the company's connectivity solutions "value-priced," Ricco said that the industry is continuing to adopt Allied Telesis products due to the amount of convergence that is going on in the market. In addition to the AT-8100 Series switches, the company is also featuring several other products at the show including its AT-9000 Series switches, AT-MC 605/606 media converters and AlliedWare Plus network operating system.


Born out of NASA's Apollo program in the late 1960's, Intergraph is a technology company that began its work in rocket trajectory and has since morphed into a software company focused on converting information for use in a graphic display. According to Robert Scott, executive director of security solutions marketing for the company, Intergraph's solution is similar to a tradition PSIM platform with the exception of one key difference; how it handles incident response. The company's security solutions are essentially an extension of their computer aided dispatch systems which were originally developed for advanced 911 centers and are focused on providing operators with the tools to handle a situation, not just make them aware of it. Scott said the company's technology is primarily being marketed towards high-end vertical markets and enterprise-class security installations such as governments, transportation agencies, utilities, public safety departments, and the military.

UTC Fire & Security

As reported by SIW this week, UTC Fire & Security has consolidated all of its security product lines, including those that became part of the company when UTC acquired GE Security, into four brands including Interlogix, Lenel, Supra and Onity. While the new brand structure was the company's big news for the show, UTC also has a bevy of new solutions that are on display.

From the company's Interlogix brand, UTC is showcasing its UltraView IP cameras and IFS network switches. According to Kostas Mellos, the company's commercial leader for video & transmission, Interlogix' video products are essentially split into two lines, the UltraView, which is for more high-end, enterprise-class installations, and TruView, which are more for entry-level type customers. The biggest differentiator between the two, according to Mellos, is performance and price.

In addition to cameras, Interlogix is also displaying its new Simon XT Two-Way Talking Touch Screen for its alarm systems. While the touch screen provides users with the usual security features, several home automation capabilities, such as lighting and temperature controls have also been integrated into the unit.

On the access control side, Lenel has announced the launch of its new Security Series Hardware, which features an integrated security controller that delivers intrusion detection combined with central station connectivity and access control. The controller features a dial-out option for connectivity with central stations, reducing installation costs and increasing monitoring flexibility.

Dedicated Micros

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