Armored car guard accidentally shoots self

MIDLAND - The shooting of an armored car security guard had police scrambling to the Speedway gasoline station, 6225 Eastman, just before 10 a.m. Wednesday.

However, they soon discovered the 26-year-old guard from Grand Blanc accidentally shot himself in the buttocks while exiting the vehicle.

"They were there to service an ATM, and when he got out of the vehicle he was adjusting his pants when the gun went off," said Midland Police Detective Lt. Gerald J. Ladwig.

The Flint-based Federal Armored guard, Leonte A. Hamilton, told police he never heard the gun fire. His partner, Kenneth E. Tereau, 47, of Millington told police the same.

"It is possible, if there's a lot of traffic, that you might not hear it," Ladwig said of the semi-automatic .380-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun. "The .380 isn't a real big gun."

The bullet went into the cheek and exited the thigh, police said.

"He felt a pain and went into a restroom and found himself bleeding. That's when they called 911," Ladwig said.

Emergency crews took the man to a local hospital. Officials with the Flint-based armored car company said they would not discuss the incident.