Michigan town hands out free security cameras

FLINT TWP. - Kelly Floria hasn't had any break-ins or vandalism at her home, but the Flint Township woman still stood in line for almost an hour to get home security cameras.

"We've had some issues in our neighborhood," said Floria, who got two cameras. "You can never be too cautious."

The cameras were handed out Tuesday at the Flint Township Police Department as part of an effort to make some neighborhoods in the township more secure.

The department planned to hand out about 50 cameras to residents in Dayton Heights, Riverview and Utley Hills subdivisions.

"Those areas traditionally have a little higher crime rate than some," said Sgt. Tim Jones of the township's police department. "It's just the nature of the beast."

Residents had to show photo identification and proof of residence to qualify for the free cameras.

The two-piece wireless camera sets are valued at $139 each and were paid for by a community development grant. One piece attaches to the TV and the other is designed to be mounted outside on a garage, pole, porch or tree.

Flint Township also has surveillance cameras accessible to police in its main commercial district.

Utley Hills resident Devon Newvine didn't get a camera, but wishes she had.

"I run a business out of my home, so it would be nice to have a camera for security purposes in general," said Newvine, the owner of Happy Playtime Child Care.

"I haven't had any problems, but I live next to an empty lot, so there's always cause for concern. Anybody could hop that fence and get into my garage or storage shed."

Floria, who lives on the same street as Newvine, also runs a child care center out of her home. Floria said she'll put one camera near the front of her home and the other in the back.

"Homes in the area have been broken into and there's been issues of drugs in the neighborhood," said Floria, who has a home-security alarm system already. "It's good to just watch out and see what's going on outside."