BRS Labs announces major technology integrations

BRS Labs, a provider of behavioral analytics software, announced several major technology integrations at a press conference held Tuesday at ASIS 2010.

The company, which made its debut at ASIS two years ago, said that its AISight platform has been integrated into Science Applications International Corporation's (SAIC) Security Management System, as well as Boeing's Visual Security Operations Console (VSOC) suite of products. In addition, AISight will also be integrated with VidSys' RiskShield PSIM platform.

BRS Labs President John Frazzini said that the integrations show that the company's technology is being embraced by the industry. Unlike traditional video analytics, which use a set of predetermined rules to alert users to incidents or objects of interest, BRS Labs' technology is driven by artificial intelligence and can learn to differentiate between normal and abnormal activity.

Frazzini said that command and control systems, such as SAIC's SMS and Boeing's VSOC, are the future of video surveillance.

"Down the road... there will not be a (surveillance) system that will be deployed without advanced intelligent analysis capabilities," he said. "(Security technology providers) recognize they can't just deliver empty shells. They have to deliver value."

Frazzini added that he doesn't see much of a future for traditional video analytic platforms, saying that his firm doesn't really compete in that market anymore.

He also said that these technology integrations were not just done on a whim and that both Boeing and SAIC put the company's technology through rigorous testing.

"This is not a hollow announcement where a company is trying to make a splash in the media," he said.

Though its recent deployments have been in Tier 1 types of installations, such as federal agencies and utilities, Frazzini said that the company's strategy is to use these types of projects to gain a footing in the broader commercial security market.

The company was recently awarded a contract by a large Latin American company, which utilizes more than 15,000 surveillance cameras.