Illinois legislature fails to pass anti-sprinkler bill

According to a statement issued Friday by the National Fire Protection Association, an Illinois bill that would have diminished local authorities’ ability to enforce sprinkler requirements for homes has been defeated in committee by a 6-to-3 vote.

The NFPA credited the defeat of the bill to the “grassroots coordination” of a group of supporters that wrote letters to authorities and testified before a committee hearing on the legislation.

“These anti-sprinkler bills have been designed to take a step backward in public safety,” NFPA President Jim Shannon said in the statement. “The bills ignore the success of a proven technology and inappropriately take away a community’s ability to protect its citizens with this life-saving equipment. The fire service and other sprinkler advocates worked to defeat this safety threat in Illinois, but the threat of anti-sprinkler bills continues to be very real in other states.”