Survey: National security a bigger issue prior to economic crisis

A recent survey conducted by IT security services provider Unisys shows that the majority of Americans were preoccupied more with terrorism and national security than the economy just weeks prior to the downturn in the U.S. financial system.

In fact, national security was listed as the highest concern among most Americans in early September when the "Unisys Security Index" was taken. Nearly 65 percent of respondents reported feeling "uneasy" about the war on terrorism, while 32 percent said they were "extremely concerned" about national security.

Only 21 percent of respondents at the time the survey was taken were reportedly concerned about their personal finances and ability to pay their bills. However, a majority or survey participants say that they were worried about financial crime, including debit and credit card fraud.

The security index, which is a bi-annual study of consumer opinions in four areas of security, including financial, national, the Internet and personal safety, also found that:

• 62 percent of people were concerned about identity theft and the misuse of their personal information.
• Only 9 percent of respondents had no concern about the war on terror.
• Older Americans were less concerned than younger citizens about meeting financial obligations.
• Internet security was much less of a priority security wise than the other areas covered in the survey.