The security week that was: 04/23/10

A weekly surveillance of the news shaping your profession

A new Senate bill would add "video surveillance" to the nation's wiretap act; this follows the news of a school that was alleged to have been remotely viewing the webcams on student computers. ... Pivot3 has departed Vegas following the ISC West tradeshow, but they continue to rake in the chips, adding $4 million to the company's funding round, which previously stood at $25 million. ... Government officials in charge of federal buildings who have the right clearance should read up on new physical security standards for federal buildings (the standards are for official use only). ... We've heard a lot about cyber crime attacks on the petrochemical (oil & gas) industry, and now the oil and gas industry is fighting back. They've founded the LOGIIC (Linking the Oil and Gas Industry to Improve Cybersecurity) Consortium. ... State regulation of port security in Florida has consultants and corporations scratching their heads trying to figure out what amounts to dual regulation (national and state).