Green Hills Software launches INTEGRITY Global Security

A new computer and network security provider will now be available to end-users as INTEGRITY Global Security officially announced its launch on Tuesday.

According to a statement, INTEGRITY Global Security is a wholly owned subsidiary of Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Green Hills Software and was formed to provide companies, governments, the military, and individuals with secure computing capabilities. The foundation of the company is based upon the INTEGRITY operating system, which has been deployed in military and commercial aircraft since 1997 to guard against attacks from cyber criminals.

The company will be headed by CEO David Chandler, who has more than 23 years of experience in the technical software and hardware products industry. He has been with Green Hills Software since 1993. Chandler will be supported by Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Michael Liacko, as well as by a Board of Advisors, which includes security experts such as General Eugene E. Habiger, Joe Levy and C. Thomas McMillen.