ONVIF continues momentum

IP video standards group ONVIF (the Open Network Video Interface Forum), which was founded by video companies Axis, Bosch and Sony in 2008, announced this week that the organization continues its strong growth trend.

According to a statement, the group has grown to 180 members over the past six months and there are now more than 100 ONVIF compliant products on the market.

"In less than two years, the organization has attracted companies that account for 72 percent of the global network video surveillance market. Several of these have already released ONVIF conformant products or software, so it is becoming quite clear that ONVIF will impact the global security industry as a whole," said Simon Harris, senior research director for IMS Research.

Last month, ONVIF announced that it is expanding its scope to include access control systems to ensure their interoperability with network video products. Click here to read SIW’s full coverage of the announcement.

For more information about ONVIF, visit www.onvif.org.