Oil, natural gas companies form LOGIIC Consortium

The Automation Federation, a North Carolina-based organization whose members include firms engaged in manufacturing and process automation activities, announced Wednesday the formation of the LOGIIC (Linking the Oil and Gas Industry to Improve Cybersecurity) Consortium.

The goal of the consortium, which is a collaborative effort between oil and natural gas companies and the Department of Homeland Security, is to partake in various research projects aimed at improving cybersecurity.

According to a statement issued by LOGIIC, member organizations will contribute both money and personnel, who will meet to determine which types of projects to work on and to serve on the consortium’s executive committee. Scientific research firm SRI International has also been tapped by DHS to provide guidance to LOGIIC.

LOGIIC’s current membership includes BP, Chevron, Shell, Total, as well as several other large oil and natural gas companies.

"LOGIIC is a model example of how leading industry organizations can team with government in a public-private partnership to ensure the security and safety of the automation systems that are crucial to our critical infrastructures," said Ted Angevaare of Shell and chair of the LOGIIC Executive Committee.

For more information about the consortium, visit www.logiic.org.