The security week that was: 03/18/11 (Nuclear crisis planning)

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Panoramic technology fights for credibility every year at the tradeshows, and I just received word from another company bringing panoramic surveillance cameras to market. Check out this video of Arktran Systems’ cameras. ... We’ve been talking a lot about municipal surveillance, and if that interests you, come join me next Thursday as I host a webinar with the police chief and city manager from Freeport, Texas, as they discuss their town’s security challenges and how technology is coming into play to solve those security and situational awareness issues. ... Also, if municipal surveillance interests you, you might also want to join us in Atlanta this May for the Secured Cities conference, and before you head down, you can apply for a new award recognizing public-private partnerships. The award has been established by the ASIS International Law Enforcement Liaison Council. ... The AICC wants to know how dealers use radio technologies (and specifically which frequencies) for carrying signals back to central monitoring stations. Give 'em your feedback in their survey.