Homemade bomb explodes at Maryland Wal-Mart

CELCIL COUNTY, Md. -- Deputy state fire marshals and officers with the Elkton Police Department are continuing their investigation into the detonation of a destructive device at the Super Wal-Mart store in Elkton Saturday night.

Investigators recovered evidence from the menÂ’s restroom after the device, commonly known as a soda bottle bomb, was set off.

At the time of the explosion a middle-age man was using the restroom and a small child just walked out.

Surveillance cameras monitoring the parking lot and inside the store captured four males walking into the store and walking directly into the menÂ’s restroom at about 9:07 p.m.

The individuals were later observed walking through the store after the explosion.

It is believed one of the men has been involved in two other similar incidents at the store within the past several weeks.

Authorities are seeking the publics help in identifying these individuals.

The construction of these devices has been mischaracterized as a prank, however, the destructive effect and the potential of serious injury is extremely high, according to officials.

Anyone with information is urged to call the State Fire MarshalÂ’s Elkton Office at 410-996-2794 or the Elkton Police Department at 410-398-4200.

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