New York man sentenced for terrorist financing, massive investment fraud

Undercover operation broke terrorist financing efforts and $18 million investment fraud

In sentencing ALISHTARI, Judge HELLERSTEIN stated: "It remains clear that you did want the ends that were put to you for the placement of money. You knew these ends were assisting terrorism that was of a type, that it was on the edge of causing substantial death and destruction to people like you and me, and government lawyers, and people in your family who have come. The very fabric of civilization is endangered by terrorism."

ALISHTARI, 57, resided in Ardsley, New York, prior to his arrest on February 15, 2007. He has been detained since his arrest.

Mr. BHARARA praised the efforts of the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York City Police Department, and thanked the United States Securities and Exchange Commission for its assistance in the investigation.

Assistant United States Attorneys JOHN P. CRONAN and PETER M. SKINNER from the Office's new Terrorism and International Narcotics Unit are in charge of the prosecution.