Napolitano: Airports to receive ARRA funds for security projects

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced earlier this month that more than $355 million of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) will be used to fund more than a dozen airport security projects across the country.

According to a statement issued by DHS, the funds will be issued as follows:

• $254 million for inline baggage handling systems at six airports
• $38 million for enhanced CCTV systems at six airports
• $37 million for the purchase and installation of “multiple checkpoint technologies” including $15 million of Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) technology and $22 million of for Bottle Liquid Scanners (BLS)
• $25 for the purchase and deployment of 150 backscatter advanced imaging units

“These state-of-the-art technologies will bolster security and increase efficiency for both travelers and employees,” Napolitano said in a prepared statement. “Investing recovery act funds in these critical airport projects will create jobs in local communities while strengthening our efforts to guard against terrorism.”
To date, DHS has obligated more than half of its $3 billion ARRA funds. To learn more about DHS Recovery Act projects, visit