NICET changes testing process for fire alarm systems

NICET, the organization responsible for certifying fire alarm system installers, recently announced that it is making some changes to its testing process.

According to a statement published on their website, NICET is transitioning its Fire Alarm Systems certification program from the Work Element format to the new Standard Model with Computer-Based Testing (CBT). The organization says that the new format allows for more convenient test scheduling including more times and locations, as well as the ability to provide test takers with their scores before they leave.

Beginning last month, all applicants are now required to take the new Standard Model/CBT format test unless they previously tested one or more Work Elements in that program or have an active application postmarked prior to Feb. 1, 2010.

"One big difference those familiar with NICET will immediately notice is the lack of work elements. Work elements are specific areas of fire alarm knowledge that NICET tested candidates on. Certification at different levels required a certain number of work elements from different areas, and specific work elements for higher certification. The new exam is now a single exam that is pass/fail for the entire exam. Level of certification has a separate exam that must be passed in order to earn that level of certification," said National Training Center Vice President Bryan McLane explaining the difference between the old and new test formats in a statement.

NTC says that the new CBT NICET exam is more difficult than the previous version of the test and that they will be adjusting their training programs to better prepare applicants for the new format.

"We at NTC have extensively reviewed the differences between the new and old NICET exam and have shaped our training to address how one can best prepare and succeed on the new CBT NICET exam," McLane said.

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