German court says Sensorsense infringed Sensormatic patent

WG Security Products Sensorsense has been found to have infringed on a patent from Sensormatic. The ruling was issued this week from a German appellate court, but the court has not determined damages yet.

The ruling prohibited WG-Sensorsense from selling its "SuperSensor" and one-time-use hard tags from its German facilities; the sensor and tags were found to have infringed on Sensormatic's "SuperTag" technology, which is used as part of an electronic article surveillance (EAS) solution for retailers to minimize loss.

Scott Clements, vice president and general manager of Sensormatic's retail portfolio said that the company " will continue to vigorously defend our rights against those who infringe our intellectual property."

Sensormatic is a part of Tyco and the Sensormatic solutions are sold by Tyco's sales force as well as ADT Security Services (also part of Tyco) around the world.

SensorSense, part of WG Security Products, is based in California and also has global operations. The company, like Sensormatic, offers a variety of retail solutions, including source tagging, RFID, EAS, and even video surveillance.