ONVIF hosts reception at ASIS 2009

The Open Video Network Interface Forum (ONVIF) hosted an open reception at ASIS 2009 last week, which was attended by 146 visitors from 58 companies.

The standard group’chairman, Jonas Andersson, spoke about the group’s accomplishments during its first year of existence and what the outlook was going forward into 2010. The group also demonstrated 14 interoperable network video products using the ONVIF core specification 1.0 from nine different companies including AVerMedia, Axis, Bosch, Canon, IndigoVision, Lilin, Panasonic, Sony, and Vivotek.

“It was encouraging for all of ONVIF members to have around 150 people from various areas of the security industry to attend our first show plug fest,” Sony’s Ken Iwasaki said of the reception. “With the successful interoperability demonstration, we were able to demonstrate how ONVIF is going to provide a convincing answer to standardization and global interoperability. We will continue to be open to share our activities and plan to have similar activities in the future.”