NICE announces solution for electric utilities market

NICE Systems, an Israel-based provider of situation management solutions, announced Wednesday that it has introduced a version of its Situator platform for the electric utilities industry.

According to a statement issued by the company, the solution helps utilities increase their security and also meet the challenges of complying with NERC CIP, the North American Electric Reliability Council’s regulations on protecting critical infrastructure.

"With heightened security threats, reduced budgets, and ever-increasing compliance pressures, electric utilities today are faced with great challenges," said Mike Dunn, founder of GMD Security Consulting Services and former manager of security at American Electric Power. "Firms that implement a situation management solution which helps them consolidate 24/7 monitoring of disparate existing security systems, prescribe immediate response to event alarms, and automate documentation of response for future audit purposes, are best positioned to ensure an effective and efficient security operation, whether dealing with access violations, visitor management, outage management, systems maintenance/testing, or policy reviews."

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