Envysion restructures service offerings

Managed video service provider Envysion announced Wednesday that they have divided their service offerings into two tiered platforms, Envysion Video and Envysion Insight.

"When we first started the company… we really just had one service, kind of everything we could think that would be valuable to customers with the thought being that, given our software as a service model, we could adapt that service to meet the needs of customers as we learned more about what our target segments wanted," said Envysion CEO Matt Steinfort. "What we’ve learned over the course of the year and a half we’ve been in the market place is that… we’re starting to see the needs of the customer base separating into specific sub segments and that’s what we’ve done with our product."

According to Steinfort, Envysion Video, which is the company’s base package, is for customers who want to keep tabs on multiple locations using managed video to help them oversee and improve operations. The higher tiered service, Envysion Insight, adds to the base package of Envysion Video by giving users the ability to integrate managed video with critical business systems.

"That’s where you get into integration with a point of sale system or an access control system, which gives the ability to quickly get to video that’s relevant to you based on data that you already have about your business," Steinfort added.

Both Envysion Video and Envysion Insight are ideal for a variety of applications and are available through the company’s channel/dealer partners. No new infrastructure is required to establish an Envysion system.