New firm StreamScale to roll out analytics-embedded technology

StreamScale, a new UK-based manufacturer of video surveillance products and solutions, announced today a partnership with U.S.-based ObjectVideo. The agreement would allow StreamScale, which will be making such products as DVRs, to embed the ObjectVideo OnBoard analytics processor into its products.

According to a statement from StreamScale and ObjectVideo announcing the collaboration, StreamScale's product line will be focused on providing "a straightforward package that is affordable, deployable and maintainable for mainstream video surveillance applications." The NVRs and DVRs from StreamScale will be Linux-based, embedded platforms.

“On the surface our products look to the casual observer like any other professional DVR; affordable, easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain," explained StreamScale’s John Humphrey in a statement released today." However, under the hood they are much more sophisticated and create lots of possibilities for the savvy system integrator; embedded Linux, sophisticated image compression, extensive software integration capabilities and – now – advanced video analytics from ObjectVideo. We believe this is winning combination that addresses a clear need in the wide market for real-world intelligent surveillance systems. We are very excited about the potential this new agreement creates.”

ObjectVideo's European manager Carlos Angeles said StreamScale's decision means the company is "better positioning itself against the competition," and he praised StreamScale for promoting wider use of video content analytics.

StreamScale was founded just over a year ago, in October 2007, by John Humphrey (formerly with Verint and Dedicated Microcomputers Group/AD Group) and Peter Diamond (formerly of Baxall and Dedicated Microcomputers Group/AD Group). The company received a grant this past summer from the UK's North West Development Agency to develop their analytics-enabled hybrid DVR. At the time, the company said the product, which could support both network and traditional analog cameras, would likely launch in the first or second quarter of 2009. The company is also offering software support for pre-existing Baxall Vivid technology users.

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