Schlage forms partnership with NEDAP

Schlage, a division of Ingersoll Rand that manufactures a variety access control solutions, announced Thursday that it has formed a partnership with long range electronic vehicle access solutions provider NEDAP to combine their respective technologies.

Under the partnership, customers will be able to use their same credential for access to parking structures and building doors.

According to a statement issued by the companies, NEDAP’s long range driver-based identification is compatible with both Schlage’s MIFARE credentials and HID-compatible proximity readers.

"Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies is pleased to expand our global business and product offering by working with NEDAP AVI," said John Menzel, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies director of business development. "This partnership provides our customers with yet another application supporting our technology. NEDAP has been an established global player in the security and parking industry for many years and continues to create new solutions for these markets."