Pinnacle Security to help establish new industry association in Utah

Residential security firm Pinnacle Security recently announced that it is helping to establish a new industry association for security companies in its home state of Utah.

In addition to Pinnacle, Silverline Security and Vision Home Security are the co-founding members of the Alarm Management Association of Utah, which aims to encourage open dialogue and build relationships between security firms in the state, according to Pinnacle Security Executive Vice President of Finance Jason Knapp, who will also serve as the association’s president.

"I think we can find ways to work cooperatively to promote some of our best practices and I think we can work together to help positively influence the public perception of our industry," Knapp said. "We can certainly work together to help encourage ethical behavior by our members in an effort to help influence the public perception as well."

Some Utah-based security companies have come under fire in recent years for allegations related to unethical sales practices and Knapp acknowledged that one of the goals of the association is to improve this public perception.

"We do recognize some of the criticisms of our industry and we do want to demonstrate, within our industry, that there are companies committed to ethical behavior and to promoting the security industry in an ethical manner. I think this association is a good way of furthering that work," he said.

Knapp said that the association is not working with any national industry group and that they are currently working on bringing other security companies in the state together.

"We are in the early stages of setting up the association and we are looking to expand membership here over the next few months with others in our space here locally," Knapp explained.

Meetings of the association will be held every other month an include discussions a on wide range of topics such as licensing, installation, tax compliance, technology, customer service, legal issues, and attrition. The membership and structure of the association are expected to be finalized by the end of the year.